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Product name:Type XY (Q) Flat Three-phase Linear Induction Motor [Technical data sheet]
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Characteristic and use:
  Linear induction motor is a driving device that directly transforms electric energy into mechanical energy of linear motion without any interim transformation. In application of the linear motion, it has the following merits to adopt a driving system driven by linear motor compared with a driving system driven by rotating motor.
Because direct thrust is produced without any transforming device, it can leave out the interim transforming mechanism, so simplifies the entire unit and system, increases transmitting efficiency and reduces manufacturing cost.
Because the components and driving device are not influenced by the effect of centrifugal force as a rotating motor will be, the linear movement speed can be limitless.
Because the linear electromagnetic thrust is directly produced by electric power, it is a movement without mechanical contact, thus the mechanical loss can be decreased, making the driving parts and components free of wear.
Because it operates by means of electromagnetic thrust driving device, the noise of transforming mechanism such as steel rope, rack, transmitting belt can be avoided, making a good operating environment.
Because its structure is simple and the primary iron core after coil insertion can form an integral part by sealing, it can be applied in special environment such as moisture, harmful gas, high or low temperature, etc.
Because its structure is sample that leads to a good condition for heat dissipation, in many applications, it can operate without additional cooling unit, and be designed for higher thermal load, therefore the power/volume ratio is better.
The three-phase linear induction motor is one kind of the linear motors family. It applies the principle of induction motor to produce the electromagnetic thrust directly. Therefore, it can be used for industrial, civil, military and other various linear motion applications such as the rail transit, crane, elevator, conveyer and so on.
Type XY (Q) flat three-phase linear induction motor is developed by our company in accordance with the market demands for linear motors.
Electrical machinery performance:  

The voltage rating includes the low voltage (as three-phase 110V, 220V, 380V, etc.) and high voltage (as three-phase 1150V. etc.).
The rated frequency can be 50Hz, and can also be lower or higher than 50Hz according to actual running speed; corresponding that, the driving power supply can be the mains power grid or a frequency converter.
The scope of rated output thrust is between 500N and 20000N (determined by consultation).
The insulation class can be Class F, Class H or Class 200. The insulation structure has a capability to adapt the voltage of high carrier frequency output by the frequency converter.
Different mounting constructions and cooling methods (natural cooling or forced air cooling) can be designed according to actual application requirement.

Model explanation:  


Structure synopsis: