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Product Name:DRH2500.5000 welder -- thermography  

①. Equipment used with backlit LCD display Chinese characters, broadminded, in any direction View LCD display, in the dark can clearly reveal their contents and monitoring welding state.
②. The operation of the process is simple, every step of the operation, the LCD screen have suggested that guides you correct operation.
③. With advanced equipment memory storage, can store 100 multiple configuration parameters. Under the tube size, materials and the different set of parameters corresponding to deposit storage serial number, may, for their fate to the corresponding code. Codenamed users can easily remember freedom of choice of numbers, letters. Standards could be a good parameter storage, in order to call again later, you can save valuable time and increase efficiency.
④. Welding equipment started the process of using soft-starter, effectively preventing the electricity from thermal electric wire pipe cold resistance small and caused too great a shock current. Thermography -- the same pipe welding voltage output of three adopted, it will effectively ensure the heat pipe -- the welding quality.
⑤. Online Monitoring Weld state will keep monitoring the size of the output voltage, output current size, several periods of change. Three of the countdown introduced fusion, fusion, Weld end of the process there have different alarm buzz voices to remind the operator. Set overcurrent protection in welding process, the output current or power equipment rated once beyond that termination of welding, to prevent possible damage to equipment.
⑥. In welding equipment -- heat pipe process, in order to prevent man-made factors affecting the normal welding equipment. welding equipment to process lock.
⑦. With ambient temperature monitoring function, welding parameters can be carried out under ambient temperature as amended. Three of the welding voltage can be preset for smoothing, power outages can last memory storage serial number (operational parameters). Welding can be right time to accumulate time.
⑧. Using closed-loop control of the output voltage and voltage frequency tracking technology, hence, it has a stable output voltage and the output voltage automatic compensation, particularly suitable for field construction site landed voltage and frequency changes more occasions. ⑨. Detection equipment with its own function.

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